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Tadelakt is an ancient form of polished plaster from Morocco
using natural materials. Including lime, marble dust & quartz sand.

It was originally used to hold water (Citernes) from their developed wet rooms with this amazing organic product.

With natural pigments added & polished with a stone.
A home can be transformed into unrivaled beauty.




Lime plasters offer advantages over cement based mortars and gypsum plasters for the internal & external plastering of traditional properties, Lime is ideal for damp problems.

Porosity allows the structure to breathe.

Accommodates general movement better.

Self-healing nature reduces cracking problems.

Reduce condensation problems.



Lower fuel bills. No cement. Better thermal performance. Excellent acoustic value.

Cork is a natural and renewable product that is extracted from cork trees every 9 years, in a life cycle that crosses generations and ensures sustainable environment, cork trees can grow up to 25 metres and live up to 300 years.


Earth is one of the most aesthetically pleasing building materials that nature has to offer.
Whether used in its pure form as a raw material, formed into rammed earth walls or applied as a smooth wall plaster, the presence of the material can always be felt. Rooms made with clay are more than just skin deep. They are not just natural and ecological; they are also elegant and appealing to the senses – each and every day.

Earth contributes to creating healthy and comfortable interiors, a product of the specific properties of the clay minerals it contains. Rooms made with clay are healthy, relaxing and promote a sense of well-being.

Claytec have been working with clay and earth for nearly 30 years. During this time they have not only perfected the professional production of building materials but have also acquired extensive know-how on building with earth.

Regency lime plaster is a superior blend of our mature lime putty with fine sands and marble flour. It is suitable for creating exceptionally smooth lime plaster finishes.

Pre-coloured Regency is now available from our range based on our 54 stunning limewash colours.

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